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How to Plan A Wine Tasting Event at Home

wine tasting

Ah, wine tasting. It’s that one social event that seems very challenging to pull off. You can’t get your mind around many things: the wine to serve, food to match, ambience, guest list, after tasting activities, and a lot more. Some hosts completely black out during the wine tasting event, making the entire evening a disaster. Others simply refuse when asked if they want to host one. Don’t fall victim like these people; you have a golden opportunity to show your brilliance and hospitality with these kinds of events. How do you execute a wine tasting event to perfection? Read on and find out. Continue Reading

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Down with the Snobs — Burying the Myths of Wine Snobbery

Down with the Snobs — Burying the Myths of Wine Snobbery

Most of us have come across a wine snob at some point, or perhaps even been one at some point. Is the snobbery justified, however? Now you can buy affordable versions of classic wines from brands such as Barefoot Wine, and rose is becoming increasingly popular. It’s time to look at two of the myths perpetrated by wine snobs and see if there’s any truth in them.

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How to Store Leftover Holiday Wine


It’s quite unlikely to have leftover wine, especially from the holidays. But if you do find yourself with an unfinished bottle or two, you can either cook dinner with it, or simply store it until you’re ready to drink it.

But how do you store wine without spoiling it? If you’re lucky enough to have a temperature-controlled wine cellar, then you probably don’t have to read on. But if you don’t have one – like the rest of us – and just want to prevent a few bottles from turning sour, here’s what to do to keep your wine safe until you’re ready to drink them.
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Some of the best Wines for under $10 Infographic

Every serious wine drinker has a favorite wine, but for the most part, no two wine drinkers can agree which bottle is the best. People like all different types, and because of the wide selection of wines, its hard to come to a conclusion on which wine reigns supreme above all the rest. However, there is one thing that all winos can agree is a factor: price.

In order to get on the same page in regards to which wines should be consumed, has created an infographic that highlights some of the best tasting wines for under $10. With wines of different types from all over the world, there is sure to be one on here that satisfies every wine drinkers taste buds.
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Best Italian Wine Vintage Years to Invest In


Is wine investment the ‘safe bet’ it once was? Continue Reading

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